Our Approach

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

At San Diego Wooden Partitions, our philosophy is why confine your company’s office décor to look exactly like everyone else’s? Just as individuals have their own set of distinctive fingerprints, every company is unique in its culture, offerings and more. Allow us to set you apart from the competition, motivate your employees and inspire clients by transforming your office with our one-of-a-kind rustic, wooden call center workstations.

Our Story

Our journey began while working at a call center in Southern California. We wanted to replace our outdated, fabric cubicles with something timeless and unique to reinvigorate our office’s atmosphere. After hours of extensive web searches, we realized options for office furniture were limited. So we crafted our own rustic cubicle workstations for our employees.

And now we build them for you.

Meet the Team


Mike Marsden

General Partner

Mike comes from a family of woodworkers. His grandpa built a cabin in the 1940’s in Frazier Park just north of Los Angeles. His uncle made a living as a carpenter, specializing in building cabinets. His older brother was always building things in the garage in his teenage years.  So as destiny has it, woodworking became a passion of his. Some of his greatest accomplishments include an elaborate treehouse for his kids, a bar on his deck and an outdoor TV cabinet.


Jarrett Hodge

General Partner

Go Rustic!

Turn your workplace into an environment your employees deserve.